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We are educating the clients on the importance of insurance and more over the difference between Insurance and investments. Everybody has to plan for their family welfare in case he is not there.

In case of unfortunate demise of breadwinner of family or any health problems or Permanent disability:
  1. How the spouse will survive till the end of life?
  2. How the children education/marriage will be managed?
  3. How the loans will be cleared?
  4. How the hospital bills will manage?
For your kind information, you need not have insurance coverage, if you have sufficient money to take care of the above needs arising suddenly which are beyond our control. We have to accept the fact that anything may happen suddenly without knowing. Hence we have to be ready for any situation by proper planning that may be with insurance or sufficient corpus.

Most of the people are investing huge amounts in insurance conventional products, but the insurance coverage is very low according to their income level. It is better to first find out how much insurance is required individually and accordingly cover the same and then you can think in investment angle by investing Insurance Conventional products, ULIPS, Mutual fund schemes, Gold, Direct Equity, fixed deposits, etc.,

Definitely you need to improve the knowledge in the above aspects otherwise you have to take advice from Certified Financial Planner/Financial Advisor. If you approach any product seller, they always try to push their products with sales techniques or obligation. That is also not wrong but you have to think thrice whether it suits for you or to meet your needs. Once you go in to details in depth, you can take good decision. It is better that do not look into the product first; just you think what you need. If you find out, what you need, then you can go and examine what are the products available to suits your needs and then decide. This approach definitely will help you in avoiding in taking the policies which are not suits for you. One more thing that no company will design bad policy. The only thing that the features may vary from the policy to policy.

Suppose if you are suffering with a fever, what you will do? Are you going to medical shop or consulting a doctor? If you consult with a doctor, he will diagnosis the problem and then he prescribes the medicines. If you approach medical shop, simply he will give some medicines. The end result you can imagine.

Hence, we all should plan Insurance properly for Life and Non-Life. Once you plan how to go, then you can approach anybody to take the policy to suits your needs.

PNRFP provides the services for Insurance Planning. Please contact with our office for further details like fees, free demo for individuals or groups.
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